Cricut Explore…My Favorite Things About It

On February 12th Provo Craft officially launched the new Cricut Explore via HSN (which is traditionally where they have launched their machines in the past). As usually, there was a feeding frenzy for the new machine…late night shopping madness for sure as they sold out of their initial reserve of 6,000 machines within minutes of the first airing.  In fact, for those of us who stayed up late to watch the show to learn more about the machine, it was disappointing since they didn’t even get through the airing of that first show to demonstrate the new machine.  CRAZY…but they must have been doing a happy dance at PC Headquarters in UTAH !

And yes, I did order one...actually before the first airing started. Mine should be here soon. I can hardly wait to give it a test drive and share with all of you.  In fact, I started a Facebook Group with Cara Miller so we can start sharing info with those who are interested in Cricut Explore…come join us there at Lets Learn Cricut Explore

Today I wanted to share why I decided to take the plunge and purchase a Cricut Explore. If you follow me, you already know I own the other Cricut machines and a Silhouette Cameo.  They each have their purposes and I enjoy using them all still.  So why add another die cut machine?  Let me tell you why this die cut machine fan paid to buy the new Cricut Explore.

My Favorite Things About Cricut Explore

  1. Cuts a larger variety of materials…in fact there is a list of over 60 materials it will cut! I am excited about that since I had been frustrated with the limitations of other die cut machines to cut cork, felt, leather, balsa wood, acetate, duct tape, woven burlap, heavier chipboard, aluminum metal, craft foam and even soda pop cans. OH MY!
  2. Cut Your Own…Cricut is finally enabling users to cut their own files. SVGs, PNGs and other cut file types. The capability will be in the new Design Space software used exclusively with Cricut Explore. Now I can design and cut what I want on the same machine…thats a win, win for me !
  3. Extra tool fact there are two places to store your tools. One holding spot on the front for the tools you grab frequently like the spatula and hook tool. And a compartment inside a door for holding pens, scoring tool and extra blades, etc.  This is a great feature and might just save me from having to search for my tools when creating.
  4. Draw and Cut or Score and Cut at the same time since there are 2 tool holders (one for the blade and one for a pen or score tool) that works simultaneously together.  Brilliant idea ! It is frustrating to have to constantly change out a blade housing  to use a pen or score tool. I am super happy about this new feature.
  5. New Design Space Software…. An online software program that lets you design all your projects OR find projects to make with just a few button clicks. I was not a big fan of CCR…the new software looks fantastic from what I have seen so far. And I don’t mind using my computer with my die cut machine to design…my PC screen is larger to see that way and I have more control with a mouse and short cut buttons to design.
  6. Super Quiet – From all reports and videos I have seen, this machine is super quiet which is a BIG improvement over the past die cut machines that were quite loud. It will be a nice improvement to not have to turn the music or tv up when I am cutting.
  7. EASY CUT SETTINGS DIAL – No more having to adjust the pressure, speed and depth to determine the cut settings. Hallalujah !  That should take some of the frustration out by not having to guess and streamline getting a project cut fast !
  8. iPad Enabled – I am loving the fact that I will have the capability to use my iPad (which I take everywhere with me) to use Design Space. I know it will only be for Make It Now projects at first but that is still cool and they are going to expand the capabilities too.

And the other thing I am interested in is the new technology behind the Cricut Explore. I found this video from Cricut that has me even more excited about the machine.  And yes, I am a gadget geek :)          

So did you buy a Cricut Explore?  Are you at least curious about the new machine?  I will be sharing honest feedback about the Cricut Explore as soon as my machine arrives so check back often to get reviews of each of the features.


  1. 2

    Elaine Daniels says

    I bought it and am waiting ….sort of patiently. I want it now. I have 2 Cricuts already but this one looks like it will be great.

  2. 3

    Debra Williams says

    I have not purchased one, but I am now considering based on what you have shared. This was much better than the HSN presentation.

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